The Landscaping

at Virasha Heights has been done by Mr. Susmit Vyas, a well recognized and successful Landscape Designer and Consulting Engineer, having an experience of more than 25 years. Mr. Vyas has been adorning the landscapes with a strong belief on the fact that our surroundings are the interaction between people and place, the bedrock upon which our society is built. Landscape is more than just scenery, landscapes can offer aesthetic enjoyment, escapism, tranquility, and a sense of belonging to an area with a distinct natural and cultural identity.

Landscaping supports our health and wellbeing by encouraging physical outdoor activity and an antidote to stress. Through Landscaping, we create children's playing area, sit-outs for people, pathways, car parking etc in a proper planned manner with better utilization of space and to attract people toward Nature Loving Lifestyle. Mr. Sushmit Vyas has done Landscaping work for major projects like Golden City Group, Signature Group, IES Engineering College etc. Apart from Bhopal, his firm is working for projects in Goa, Mumbai, Wapi, Raipur too. Their group is among top 10 Consultants across India for Landscape Designing.

Landscape Designing

What's Landscaping

Landscaping is improving the natural beauty of a piece of land by planting. It involves creating different topography (land position and elevation) and combinations of plants and flowers. Landscaping is an art which helps in protecting and supporting our environment, as we all know the immense importance of trees in our life and in our surrounding. Landscaping help in educating people towards nature driven lifestyle by providing them environmental inspiration and to motivate them to grow more and more trees, and also to make them realize there responsibility towards the society.

Outdoor Spaces properly designed provides more of aesthetics, convenience and the space usage. Our homes get better enhanced when nature elements helps and play an effective role in landscaped designs - Nature acts as a medicine in itself.

Whats Landscaping