Virasha Heights

-is our dream project to give heightened living to the people of Bhopal; conceptualized by our group with a vision to offer an eminent image of perfection from the best of the manmade art. Our beliefs take actual form with Virasha Heights and are definitely going to give an optimized preference in the modern era.

Open from all four sides, Virasha Heights is a project unique in itself. Life at Virasha Heights will certainly be an experience to cherish. Apart from being blessed with nature, we have provided the best of the properties in Bhopal.

High quality construction, availability of all modern-life conveniences, being centrally located and spaciousness makes Virasha Heights a Township of its own kind; which is a touch of perfection. So target your dreams and fulfill your passions. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined.

Virasha Heights

Life as chaste as water

Listen to the soothing sound of clear waters gurgle over smooth pebbles and tumble over small cascades. As you listen to this and view the crystal-clear river flowing from your balcony, you’ll forget all your anxieties.

Life as fearless as light

Move the curtains aside from your window; let the sunshine peep in your life. Abundance of natural light means abundance of health and cheerfulness. Let the rays of hope come in your life.

Life as cheery as fresh breeze

A gust of fresh air brings life with it. At Virasha heights, convenience, calmness and serenity come as easy as a fresh breeze.

Life as abundant as greens

Green symbolizes abundance, green symbolizes life. Your every glance outside your home will witness pristine green